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About Us

The National CMV Foundation’s mission is to increase awareness of CMV, provide information to help prevent and eliminate CMV, and become an advocate for those who are affected by congenital CMV.  Learn more about National CMV and how you can get involved.

Our Mission

At the National CMV Foundation, we work to inform and educate others on specific prevention measures to protect against the risk of CMV infection. Read about our mission, our vision and our key objectives.

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Our Board

The passion and dedication of our National CMV board help make us who we are today. Our dedicated board members are dedicated to raising awareness of, and, ultimately, eradicating, the CMV virus.

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Our Founders

We are proud to announce that, as of December 2015, the National CMV Foundation joined forces with three prominent CMV non-profit organizations: Maddie’s Mission, Stop CMV, and the Utah CMV Council.

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We are grateful for the support of our donors, partners and volunteers. Your generosity allows for the growth and expansion of our programs focused on CMV awareness and prevention education for women of childbearing age, as we work to eliminate congenital CMV.

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Contact Us

Not sure if you or your child has CMV? Are you struggling with a new or existing cytomegalovirus diagnosis? Perhaps you’d like to learn more so you can arm yourself with knowledge and help others. We welcome your questions, comments or suggestions.

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