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Mission and Key Objectives

A new mission for preventing the most infectious cause of birth defects in the United States.

In November 2020, the staff and Board of Directors of National CMV Foundation finalized an update to our mission and new strategic plan. This is the first time the mission has been refreshed in our six-year history.

When we incorporated in 2014, we set out to raise awareness and educate women of childbearing age about congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV). Since we are the largest national advocacy organization focused on congenital CMV, in a time in which infectious disease and public health are top of mind for all, we can now plan for a much taller order.

We are excited about capturing and building upon the many recent public health and scientific learnings as we set our sights on a bold go forward strategy. 

The National CMV Foundation team is deepening our commitment to the following statements:

Our Vision

To eliminate congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV) in the United States for the next generation.

Our Mission

To prevent pregnancy loss, childhood death, and disability due to congenital CMV.

Our Values

We lead with our values in every aspect of our work.
Our vision demands thorough collaboration and an accelerating effort by our team of Directors, Donors, Clinicians, Scientists, Partner Organizations, and the Parent Community that is guided by our five principles:

  • Leadership – Being inquisitive, thorough, and collaborative. Mining education and experience for breakthrough insights and scientific advancement. Sharing information and resources in a timely manner.
  • Passion – Staying hungry in pursuit of our mission. Advocating for our community. Being mindful. Behaving with dignity for others’ well-being and comfort. Respecting individuality and unique perspectives. Demonstrating hope and confidence for others.
  • Innovation – Pushing for broad ideas and fresh thinking. Challenging the status quo, disrupting the space. Moving quickly on opportunities to advance our goals.
  • Excellence – Setting extraordinarily high standards for the fight against congenital CMV infection. Attending to the details of credibility and quality.
  • Integrity – Being honest, transparent, forthright and ethical. Leveraging the cooperation and expertise of others. Forging strategic partnerships. Being accountable.
While we began this work last year, the events of the global coronavirus pandemic underscore the need for fresh thinking and bold action to ensure transparency and credibility. We’re leaning into our clarified mission, vision, and values as we respond to the moment. We believe it is important to leverage donations from a diversity of sources and utilize donor funds to responsibly advance our mission.

We are excited about these guiding principles and look forward to delivering on our updated mission.

This new mission will be pursued through a set of long- and mid-term goals supported by strategic tactics that include program development, scientific advancement, community partnerships, capacity building, and advocacy.

We see the new three-year plan as a natural evolution of our work. This is our sharpened approach in action, which will fuel the mission of the National CMV Foundation through 2024. 

STRATEGIC GOAL: Raise Awareness through Advocacy
Continue commitment to increase awareness of congenital CMV through federal, local and state advocacy efforts.

Priority Activities
  1. Resubmit RUSP application to ACHDNC committee.
  2. Advocate for federal or private funding to create a national congenital CMV patient registry and expand the development of a family database.
  3. Advocate for federal or private funding to develop the implementation of a population-based newborn screening study.
  4. Appeal to federal partners for opportunities to jointly create and better disseminate materials to national groups and state Departments of Health.
STRATEGIC GOAL: Accelerate Mission-Driven Research
Establish the National CMV Foundation as a respected leader in furthering congenital CMV research centered on pregnancy loss, childhood death, and disability caused by congenital CMV. Play a significant role in the direction and funding of research into the diagnosis, treatment, care, and prevention of congenital CMV through the expansion of private and public funding efforts.

Priority Activities​
  1. Invest in high impact congenital CMV research through the Foundation’s research awards.
  2. Partner with organizations, funders, and thought leaders to prioritize and advance congenital CMV research.
  3. Provide funding for research centered on congenital CMV disparities through research awards.
  4. Reconvene International CMV Consensus Group to prioritize congenital CMV research aims and goals.
STRATEGIC GOAL: Target Education Programs
Steadily increase National CMV Foundation’s influence with healthcare providers and policymakers to achieve established federal and state policy priorities by developing productive and meaningful relationships.

Priority Activities
  1. Improve practices of healthcare providers regarding congenital CMV prevention counseling and newborn screening protocols.
  2. Serve as the premier source of reliable, current, and accessible congenital CMV information.
  3. Expand CMV Community Alliance Program’s reach, impact, and number of ambassadors.
  4. Grow collaborations with the CMV Partnership Alliance internationally, nationally, and locally to ensure access to resources, support services, and information.
STRATEGIC GOAL: Grow Resources in Support of the Mission
Grow annual revenue and resources in service of the mission, to build and support infrastructure for future organizational growth.

Priority Activities
  1. Invest in and empower volunteers, staff, and board members through capacity-building to drive results.
  2. Adhere to governance best practices for efficient and effective operations for sustainable growth.
  3. Acquire and steward individual donors, peer-to-peer fundraisers, and corporate or grant funders, while increasing the diversity of donors and vendors.
STRATEGIC GOAL: Demonstrate Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Cultivate and thoughtfully maintain an organizational culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion, while supporting ongoing diversity development and training of Foundation leadership.  The organization will increase support of congenital CMV research, advocacy and programming efforts centered on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Priority Activities
  1. Ensure access to culturally and linguistically appropriate programming, educational materials, and CMV resources.
  2. Increase efforts to improve representation of marginalized communities within the CMV Family Database.
  3. Highlight congenital CMV research centered on better understanding congenital CMV disparities.
  4. Prioritize drawing on the skills, talents, and perspectives of a broader and more diverse range of leaders to strengthen board deliberations and decision-making.
  5. Create an accessible and inclusive culture for board members, staff, volunteers, and constituents that ensures significant opportunities to deepen the Foundation’s impact, relevance, and credibility.

Progress on each of the objectives will be measured and achieved through priority activities and reviewed annually. 

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The doctors knew Cameron's problem was viral, but they couldn't pinpoint the virus. Finally, after about 2 days, my placenta lab test came back and it was infected with CMV. I was so relieved that Cameron was going to survive, but I was not ready for the next bombshell. The NICU doctor told us that as a result of is brain damage, Cameron would not be able to “walk, talk or learn."
— Julie, Mother