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Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan

The strategic plan is meant to rally the organization around our interdependent goals and overarching objectives, which will further propel the mission of the National CMV Foundation through 2020. Progress on each of the objectives will be measured and achieved through priority activities, and reviewed annually. We will constantly seek opportunities to build and enhance partnerships with other organizations that share our fundamental goal of educating women of childbearing age about congenital CMV.

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STRATEGIC GOAL: Raising Awareness

Continue commitment to increase aided and unaided awareness of congenital CMV to 20% by 2020.

Priority Activities
  1. Increase media impressions by 30% through creative utilization of integrated media to consistently communicate key prevention messages and calls to action to target audiences in local markets and nationwide. 
  2. Increase constituent engagement at a rate of 15% each year via National CMV’s largest channels to actively drive outcomes related to all strategic objectives.

STRATEGIC GOAL: Accelerating Research

Establish the National CMV Foundation as a respected leader in furthering congenital CMV research. Commit to maintaining a leadership role in convening, collaborating, and coordinating science. Play a significant role in the direction and funding of research into the diagnosis, treatment, care, and prevention of congenital CMV through the expansion of private and public funding efforts.

Priority Activities​
  1. Accelerate research funding through National CMV’s Research Program to $100,000 by 2020.
  2. Expand National CMV Foundation’s leadership role as a convener to collaborate and coordinate CMV research activities through two national or international large-scale CMV efforts yearly through 2020.

STRATEGIC GOAL: Programs & Education

Steadily increase National CMV’s influence with policymakers to achieve established federal and state policy priorities by executing successful strategies to develop productive and meaningful relationships. Establish an ambassador program by 2020 and provide public health outreach education to serve both medical professionals and the general public through greater grassroots engagement.

Priority Activities
  1. Increase state priority-driven meetings between National CMV committee and volunteer representatives, and members of state government nationwide by 5% each year. Progress is to be reported bi-annually. At the federal level, initiate an annual trip to the Hill with a growing, volunteer powered CMV Congressional Team, beginning 2018.
  2. Establish mini grant program for up to 10 State Departments of Health by 2020, to further promote education to medical professionals and the general public through greater, local grassroots engagement.
  3. Develop Ambassador Program for top CMV advocates by 2020.
  4. Create instructional materials for implementing a Hearing-Targeted CMV Screening Program.

STRATEGIC GOAL: Growing Revenue in Support of the Mission

Achieve significantly greater CMV-wide mission impact by growing contributed revenue by an average of 50 percent per year, through 2020 through the development of an organization-wide philanthropic culture (including boards, staff, and volunteers at the national level) that fully embraces, prioritizes and invests in partnerships, fundraising and revenue growth priorities as essential keys to success of the mission.

Priority Activities
  1. Build infrastructure for strategic growth. Move from all-volunteer network to an organization with an active board and several, multi-disciplinary paid staff professionals by 2020.
  2. Fully implement major and intermediate giving program, and corporate initiatives, to realize full potential in all geographies and build pipeline for future growth. Sustain direct marketing, general development, and relationship events revenue.
  3. Develop Compete 4 CMV endurance event / race series and expand program by 15% each year.
The doctors knew Cameron's problem was viral, but they couldn't pinpoint the virus. Finally, after about 2 days, my placenta lab test came back and it was infected with CMV. I was so relieved that Cameron was going to survive, but I was not ready for the next bombshell. The NICU doctor told us that as a result of is brain damage, Cameron would not be able to “walk, talk or learn."
— Julie, Mother