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CMV research is an emerging field, but there are a variety of research studies, clinical trials, and state-level legislation underway. We provide the necessary CMV findings, resources, and information to best equip your tribe for managing a congenital CMV diagnosis.


Learn more about how CMV is garnering media attention around the world and web.

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Empowered CMV families from across the nation have teamed up with professionals and politicians in several states in hopes of making a difference with CMV legislation!

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CMV Studies

In these last 55 years, definite strides have been made in the field of CMV research, including the development and administration of antiviral treatments and vaccine candidates.

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Treatment Options

Recent studies indicate that CMV-IGIV treatment may reduce the risk of congenital infection and/or neonatal disease when given to pregnant women experiencing a primary CMV infection.

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Vaccine Development

There is no CMV vaccine available to prevent congenital CMV. Many experts believe that a CMV vaccine is possible within the next 10 to 20 years, but a CMV vaccine is unlikely to occur without a significant increase in awareness.

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Patient Registries

For congenital CMV, two main registries exist that are focused around pregnant women who acquire CMV during pregnancy and children who are born symptomatic with congenital CMV.

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