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CMV research is an emerging field, but there are a variety of studies, clinical trials, and legislation underway.  The National CMV Foundation is dedicated to providing the necessary CMV research data, support and information to help you further the efforts to overcoming CMV.


Empowered CMV families from across the nation have teamed up with professionals and politicians in several states in hopes of making a difference with CMV legislation!

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The National CMV Foundation is dedicated to empowering you with the latest CMV news and information from around the web. Learn more about how CMV is garnering attention, as well as the passing of legislation from around the country.

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Physician Information

CMV can be a serious problem for babies who are infected before birth. This is referred to as congenital CMV and it occurs when a pregnant woman passes the virus to her unborn child.

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The purpose of the National Cytomegalovirus Registry for Pregnant Women is to develop a database of nearly all pregnant women in the U.S. who develop a congenital infection during pregnancy.

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In these last 55 years, definite strides have been made in the field of CMV research, including the development and administration of antiviral treatments and vaccine candidates.

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Recent studies indicate that CMV-IGIV treatment may reduce the risk of congenital infection and/or neonatal disease when given to pregnant women experiencing a primary CMV infection.

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There is no CMV vaccine available to prevent congenital CMV. Many experts believe that a CMV vaccine is possible within the next 10 to 20 years, but a CMV vaccine is unlikely to occur without the awareness.

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