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CMV Treatment Options

Currently, several medications are undergoing clinical trials or are licensed for the treatment and possible mitigation of the effects of congenital CMV. For pregnant women who have transmitted a primary CMV infection to their baby, administration of Cytogam, a CMV hyperimmune globulin, may lessen or reverse CMV symptoms in utero. For symptomatic newborns, both Ganciclovir and Valganciclovir have been evaluated in clinical trials and are recommended by CMV experts to treat congenital CMV disease. If you would like more information about clinical trials and CMV treatment options, speak with your doctor. If you require further support or assistance, please contact us.


Recent studies indicate that Cytomegalovirus Immune Globulin Intravenous (CMV-IGIV) treatment may reduce the risk of congenital infection and/or neonatal disease when given to pregnant women experiencing a primary CMV infection.

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Ganciclovir and Valganciclovir are antiviral treatments that may be beneficial to a newborn with symptomatic congenital CMV. Ganciclovir and Valganciclovir may prevent hearing loss and improve head and brain growth. They can also help combat immediate medical concerns caused by CMV, such as thrombocytopenia, organ failure (most commonly spleen and/or liver), hepatitis, and pneumonitis. Treatments generally last from 6 weeks to 6 months and are administered orally or through an IV or PICC line.

Ganciclovir and Valganciclovir can have serious side effects and parents should consult with a doctor before beginning treatment. Children receiving these treatments should have regular blood counts to avoid problems with severe neutropenia or anemia.

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