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Get Involved

Want to get involved in the National CMV Foundation? There are many ways to help and to participate in the National CMV movement. Whether you want to host an event, become a sponsor, or donate to the cause, we have an initiative for you.  


Become a CMV champion by donating to the cause. For every dollar you contribute, we are one step closer to eliminating this virus for the next generation.

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Fundraising Events

Interested in hosting or planning an event? We have several ideas to get you started. Each opportunity to educate others AND raise dollars directly fuels our mission!

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Other Ways to Fundraise

We invite both businesses and individuals to support our work through fundraising. With the help of our CMV community, we empower women to take charge of their health and activate CMV awareness.

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Fundraising Toolkit

Be an active supporter in the quest to eradicate congenital CMV for the next generation! Download our toolkit and templates to launch your personal fundraising event.

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Promote Awareness

There are many ways to get involved. Please consider volunteering, advocating, and joining in our fight to increase CMV awareness!

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Stop CMV Hands

As simple as it sounds, by writing “Stop CMV” on the palm of your hand, you’ll become part of a global campaign working to educate women and save babies from the dangers of CMV.

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Be an Advocate

Your story is the most important tool you have as a CMV advocate. Federal and state governments play a vital role in CMV research, treatment, and diagnostic testing for babies with congenital CMV. Our goal is to inform policy makers about this viral health issue. Learn how to get started.

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Become A Sponsor

In order to most effectively expand our reach and connect with thousands of women each year, National CMV wishes to collaborate with some of the country’s most distinguished brands to drive measurable impact for women of childbearing age and for the CMV community-at-large.

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