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Advocate for CMV Awareness and Education

Accepting the Diagnosis

No matter when you may receive a diagnosis of congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV) and any of its potential effects or outcomes, it can be extremely difficult to understand and accept, and it can be devastating for both the individual and the family.

Advocating for those with Congenital CMV

Advocacy means enabling people to defend their rights, promote their responsibilities, access information and services, and express their views or concerns.

Federal and state governments play a vital role in CMV research, treatment, and diagnostic testing for babies with congenital CMV. 

We work to inform policy makers about this viral health issue, which, when acquired during pregnancy, may attribute to infant loss or long-term developmental, and/or neurological, impairment for babies with congenital CMV. We want to present women with the information they need to ask the right questions in order to make informed decisions about their health. Learn how to get started.

Advocacy is an act of directly representing yourself and/or your child, and no one is a better expert in this than you. Your story is the most important tool you have. It helps to forge a personal connection.

Use these helpful tips to better articulate your story to elected officials in a clear and powerful manner.
  • Know your rights and keep good records.
  • Be brief and speak plainly. Avoid medical or policy terms.
  • Speak honestly and from the heart. Tap into their emotions and pull on their heartstrings a bit.
  • Discuss the benefits to your proposal. Be respectful but firm. How will real people benefit from this measure?
  • Keep them invested. Include details that accurately put your proposal in motion.
  • Be persistent. Ask for clarification. Maintain a relationship. Thank them for their time and continue to follow-up.
If CMV legislation has already been proposed in your state, please download our State Advocacy Guide to follow step-by-step instructions on how you can help support the CMV bill in progress.

If your state does not have an existing in proposal stages, contact us at advocacy@nationalcmv.org for support on how to start the advocacy process. 

Interested in co-branding material for distribution in your area? We are continually developing new and refining existing collateral to best reach and engage our target audiences. Email advocacy@nationalcmv.org if you'd like to discuss a potential partnership opportunity.