Compete 4 CMV

Compete 4 CMV: Be a CMV Crusader

The National CMV Foundation launched Compete 4 CMV in June 2014 in an effort to generate awareness, raise charitable contributions and spark meaningful competition amongst friends, while urging others to be advocates for their health.

Compete 4 CMV is a series of community-based athletic events, and each voluntary participant who chooses to run, bike, swim or compete for this cause is known as a CMV Crusader.

A Crusader is one who is intensely or exceptionally  devoted to a cause. For National CMV, our community is full of CMV Crusaders striving to make a difference by enhancing their own physical fitness and improving the lives of others.

Being a CMV Crusader means competing for yourself, inspiring your community, and raising funds for National CMV. Your participation endorses a conscious choice for healthy living and directly fuels our awareness and prevention programs. National CMV uses social media to promote a sense of community, while increasing motivation and offering supportive encouragement during your training.

You may choose to support National CMV in an existing race or event, or create an event of your own. See our fundraising page for some additional tips in producing an effective event or fundraiser.

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