​Key Observations from the 2017 International CMV Conference

​Key Observations from the 2017 International CMV Conference

Approximately 300 of the world’s leading experts in CMV-related research came together in the Netherlands on April 30th for the 6th International CMV Conference (16th International CMV/betaherpesvirus Workshop). This event aims to connect basic science and clinical expertise research to prevent and cure CMV diseases. Several trusted advisors to the National CMV Foundation and members of our Research Priorities Committee attended and presented on current studies and recent findings.

Here is a quick round-up of what we found most noteworthy:

1. The International CMV Consensus Report, as published in The Lancet, continues to serve as a strong recommendation guideline for other countries in the push for universal screening of newborns.

2. There is interest in organizing a global workshop with the World Health Organization on congenital CMV and CMV-associated hearing loss.

3. Universal newborn CMV screening studies are underway in Germany and Qatar. 

4. Several studies are currently in progress to estimate the costs of congenital CMV.

5. We do not yet have global consensus regarding screening standards for the most effective and efficient methodologies in using saliva vs. urine vs. dried blood spot making it difficult to compare studies. 

6. There is promising data around the effectiveness of education and behavioral intervention measures to prevent CMV infections in pregnant women.

7. New potential antivirals are on the horizon.

8. Exciting results were unveiled regarding CMV vaccines for transplant patients. Congenital CMV vaccines will hopefully follow suit. 

9. National CMV Foundation co-founder, Sara Doutré, was awarded best clinical poster for Losing Ground: Awareness of cCMV in the Unites States.

We will make published data from recent and future publications from the conference available to our readers through our website, social media, and newsletter.  

Overall, the conference was extremely successful and we are thrilled to see such passion and determination amongst our CMV experts. We applaud their continued efforts!

The 7th International CMV Conference will be held in Birmingham, Alabama in 2019. Stay tuned for updates.