Know About CMV

Know About CMV

June is CMV Awareness Month, when the CMV community both in the U.S. and abroad comes together virtually to raise awareness about congenital CMV. And as a CMV Awareness Advocate, you’re going to interact with tons of people—and that’s great! Click the link to review the Facts About CMV flyer to ensure you're sharing the most basic facts with your tribe. 
Our theme is “Know About CMV". A statement, a question, a conversation starter that urges people to talk about CMV with their friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, healthcare team, local businesses and community. We hope you continue reading to find an idea or two that will spark some interest for how you can make some impact!

Downloads are available here.


Text GIVE to 813-452-4462 to make immediate impact. Every dollar counts to help fuel our mission!

Decorate a CMV Awareness Tree

Thanks to support from our partner Meridian Bioscience, the National CMV Foundation has 50 CMV Awareness Kits which include 100 ft of silver ribbon, 20 ft of both orange and blue ribbon, and 1 double-sided, laminated fact card with important stats and prevention tips ready to ship to the first 50 CMV Awareness Advocates raising hands to participate. 
Are you eager and able to ask your local children’s hospital, pediatrician’s office, therapy center, birthing clinic, public library, or town playground to lend a tree to be decorated with our CMV Ribbon Kits? This is an awesome opportunity to conduct a simple gesture that’s sure to get some people talking. Help us expand our reach by decorating a tree today!
Complete this commitment form to make sure you’re one of the first 50 to receive a complimentary CMV Awareness Kit!

Print ‘n’ Post 

Fliers are a great way to capture people’s attention and teach them about CMV. You can click below to download our new 5"x7" CMV Prevention postcard to share in your community.

Submit a Letter to Your Editor

A compelling letter to your local newspaper editor, mommy blog, or city magazine is a great way to gain media exposure for CMV Awareness Month and the National CMV Foundation! Sharing your personal experience is critical in educating others about the reality of caring for a baby, child, or young adult born with congenital CMV. If you’re stuck on ideas, use our simple template below to get started.

Contact Local Businesses for Support

Many businesses are eager to support important causes like pregnancy education, congenital birth defect prevention, and frankly, anything in the name of saving babies! All it takes is for someone to provide information as to what this store owner should know and why it's important for their customers or patrons to learn as well. Pick 5 local businesses and ask in-person, by phone, via email, through social media—however works best for your personality and availability. We've drafted a sample email to help get you started. Of course, be sure to customize this email by adding your personal story. 

Host a Fundraiser or Event

Share all you Know About CMV with your social group. Host an event — from a brunch to a bowling tournament—where all proceeds help the National CMV Foundation bring awareness to more and more individuals who need to Know About CMV. Visit the National CMV Foundation Crowdrise Page to create an event fundraising page or contact us for help getting started.

Submit a 'Parent Story'

Submit your story or encourage someone you know to tell his/her story about an experience with or a lifetime in caring for someone born with congenital CMV. Email your story to 

Update Your Email Signature

Make every send a CMV awareness opportunity. For the month of June, add the sample line below to your signature to easily let more of your colleagues and clients Know About CMV.

June is CMV Awareness Month. Join me and the National CMV Foundation to show you #KnowAboutCMV.

Be Social

Copy/paste – I #KnowAboutCMV, do you? Congenital CMV is the most common viral infection that infants are born with in the United States. And 91% of women don’t know about it. [Tag 3 friends] I challenge you to help spread #CMVAwareness.

And upload the CMV Prevention Infographic below along with your post.

Whatever you do for CMV Awareness Month, make sure you share on social with hashtags #KnowAboutCMV, #StopCMV, #CMVAwareness.