Compete 4 CMV Spotlight: Pete Zoob

Compete 4 CMV Spotlight: Pete Zoob

Do you have a personal connection to the National CMV Foundation?

I have been friends with Kristen and John Spytek for my entire adult life and Kristen and I went to high school together.

How did you learn about National CMV Foundation?

Through the founders, Kristen and John.

What motivated you to sign up as a Compete 4 CMV runner?

I've been running for the last decade but didn't have a cause I felt compelled to run in support of. Of course, upon seeing how Kristen and John turned tragedy into action, I had to do what little I could to support National CMV Foundation through Compete 4 CMV. 

How would you describe your running style?

Undertrained, and trying to do what I can to not think about what I'm actually doing (i.e. running 26 miles!).

Have you run a marathon before?

Yes, NYC this year will be #8.

What’s your favorite marathon memory to date?

Ran a Boston Marathon qualifying time at the Chicago Marathon in 2014.

Do you run with music or without? If with, what artist or song is a must have on your marathon playlist? 

Yes...90's hip hop...all of it.

What are you most excited about when it comes to the NYC Marathon?

I used to run in Central Park regularly, and got engaged there, so that part of the race has the nostalgic factor, but this time around I am pretty excited to be running with a team of great people with a common goal.

What are your fundraising tactics?

Social media and targeted emails.

What keeps you busy when you’re not marathon training?

My two kids, Benny and Marley.

Do you have a message for our National CMV Foundation community?

My current job has me working in a disease state (Cystic Fibrosis) that has been completely altered and revolutionized by the tireless efforts of the foundation that supports research and disease education. Don't ever underestimate the impact your efforts and support of the National CMV Foundation can have on CMV. Keep the focus and work going. One day CMV will be something to merely read about in medical books as historical virus.

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