Volunteer Spotlight: Corey Clem

Volunteer Spotlight: Corey Clem

Tell us about your professional/educational background.
I am currently an instructor in the College of Media & Communication at Texas Tech University where I teach business and professional communication. I received my undergraduate degree in agricultural communication from Oklahoma State University, and went on to get my masters and doctoral degrees from Texas Tech.

What makes the National CMV Foundation's mission powerful for you?
Not a single person should have to say, “I wish I would have known about CMV,” or wish that they had learned their own child had CMV much earlier. The mission is so powerful to me because I don’t want my own daughters to have to worry about CMV when/if they become mothers themselves.

What made you decide to get more involved with the National CMV Foundation, as a Community Alliance Chair?
When my daughter, Ellie, was born, she was relatively healthy. If it weren’t for her petechia, they would have never run her bloodwork. When it showed up that her platelets were low, doctors were puzzled. She looked and acted healthy. A few consults later, a NICU doctor ran a CMV test and let us go home. At 5 days old, we were told she had CMV and started antivirals two days later. If not for him, I’m not sure where Ellie would be right now, but we are in amazement at all that she has conquered so far.

In your role as CMV Community Alliance Chair, what goals have you set for 2021?
Besides fundraising and awareness, I’m most passionate about trying to pass legislation for all newborns that fail their newborn hearing screening to be tested for CMV in Texas. Early intervention is key!

What does success look like to you?
Success is more than just checking off an item or an accomplishment. It’s moving forward towards goals while still focusing on your priorities, like family. At the end of the day, it’s not about what you’ve accomplished, it’s about the impact you’ve made.

What motivates you?
My family is my biggest motivator. I love that I’m in a place where I can love on my kids and have a career right now.

As a volunteer leader, what advice do you have for people who want to work on CMV advocacy, but don’t know where to start?
Just tell one person! We all want to change the world, but you never know who that one person will tell.

What do you like most about living in New Home, Texas?
I love that we’re a small town with big city access. People are the absolute friendliest, and it’s the only place I’d want to raise my family.

You're happiest when?
Spending time with my family, especially doing what we love whether it’s playing outside or snuggled up watching a movie!