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Resources for Pregnant Women & Families

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to impact our day-to-day activities, the NationalCMV Foundation will ensure that credible and reliable COVID-19 resources are shared broadly throughout the CMV community. We believe that knowledge, when acted upon, is power, and providing such critical information is in alignment with our work. 

Sallie Permar, MD, PhD and a National CMV Foundation board member, applauds these efforts to disseminate vital information and share risk reduction recommendations. "Every individual has been affected by the COVID pandemic, including pregnant women, newborns, and young children, which some of the populations at higher risk for hospitalization for COVID complications. Thus, we support the recommendations that will keep pregnant women and children safe from severe impacts of COVID, including vaccination for all those who are eligible."

We've organized a list of relevant COVID-19 educational resources and support materials below to help keep women and our CMV families healthy while staying at home or on-the-go.

This list is not exhaustive and will be updated from time to time per the latest scientific research and public health recommendations.

The doctors knew Cameron's problem was viral, but they couldn't pinpoint the virus. Finally, after about 2 days, my placenta lab test came back and it was infected with CMV. I was so relieved that Cameron was going to survive, but I was not ready for the next bombshell. The NICU doctor told us that as a result of is brain damage, Cameron would not be able to “walk, talk or learn."
— Julie, Mother