Conner - Arizona

Conner - Arizona

My little boy Conner was born January 7th, 2012. The next day the doctor told us he had CMV. We had no suspicion that anything was wrong. The only thing they told me during the pregnancy was that he was a little small. He passed all his newborn tests they did hearing, eyes, and for seizures.

He is now 5 months old and still has no seizures or eye problems his left ear is perfect and his right ear falls just into normal range. He will be seeing a neurologist in July because he doesn't follow objects with his eyes. He also has therapy twice a week because he is very stiff. We are pretty sure that we will eventually get a diagnosis of cerebral palsy.

He has good and bad days sometimes he is content all day and other times he cries all day. He finally gave us his first laugh last week. It was truly exciting. It's very hard to take him in public because he cries a lot and people are always like is he hungry does he need his pacifier. I have learned that it's easier just to tell them he has a medical problem that makes him cry. Then they seem to either back off or ask more about it.

National CMV has been amazing for me to know that my family is not alone in this struggle. It is hard but we love are baby Conner and will do whatever we can to make his life easier.

- Shared by his mother, Carrie