Dorothea - New Jersey

Dorothea - New Jersey

This is Dorothea! We live in New Jersey. I was diagnosed with CMV within the first trimester of my pregnancy (8 weeks). Dorothea did contract the virus, but was born asymptomatic.


As we were part of a trial when I was diagnosed, she received lots of follow-ups to determine if she would develop any symptoms. At age two, Dorothea was diagnosed with profound unilateral hearing loss in the right ear.


We have been monitoring her hearing closely and at our last checkup we found out that her hearing loss has progressed and she is completely deaf in that ear.


In spite of this, my little girl has always remained positive and full of humor. If I wasn’t diagnosed we would never had any idea anything was wrong. She has blessed our lives and continues to every single day!


Shared by her mother, Kimberly