Lennox - Iowa

Lennox - Iowa

My name is Courtney Luna, and my husband is Nathan Luna. We are the parents to our beautiful daughter, Lennox!

To say she is our little warrior is an understatement. CMV has rocked our world and changed our family, but all of the daily challenges Lennox faces she fights to overcome and has the biggest support system right there with her! She is the happiest little girl and shines so much light onto every doctor, therapist, and person she meets! We love our CMV warrior!

It was identified around 20 weeks in-utero that Lennox had some extra fluid in her brain, but it wasn't until she was 8 months old, after an MRI, that they identified some signs of brain calcification. This led us to finally be tested for CMV. We have been told Lennox likely had cCMV given the impact to her brain. She's been diagnosed with Polymicrogyria, cobblestone lissencephaly, and acute hydrocephalus to name a few. To date, this has resulted in global developmental delays. She can't hold up her head up for very long, sit unsupported, or do any standard movements that a 15-month-old should be able to do. She's had a couple of MRIs and recently got tubes in her ears to help with some fluid and to stay on top of her hearing. She also had adenoid removal to help with some breathing difficulties, but this didn't quite solve the problem, so we are still exploring how to help her there. She has at least two appointments a week between occupational or physical therapy, standard doctor appointments, eye doctor appointments, neurology appointments, and/or ENT appointments.

Lennox keeps us busy, but we love seeing her grow at her own pace and giving it her all to be the unique, wonderful little girl she is!

-- shared by her mother, Courtney