Lowee - Arizona

Lowee - Arizona

Lowee is my 2nd baby. I had a normal pregnancy, she came 15 days early. She was 5 lbs 13 oz and completely covered in a little red rash. She spent the first 24 hours with me and did great.

When the pediatrician came in to see her she started finding problems. Lowee had an enlarged liver and spleen.

The next 24 hours are a blur, but she got an ultrasound of her brain and they told us it was covered in
calcifications. Next thing we know she is on a helicopter to a better NICU.
She stayed there for the next 8 days. She had to get 2 platelet transfusion because she was not making her own platelets. This is also where we found out she was born with Congenital CMV. The MRI showed she had extra fluid on the brain and an abnormally small brain. We also learned that her left eye did not fully develop. We brought her home, loved her and she started making her own platelets.

She nursed for 11 months. Her ears still test fine. She has had one surgery on her bad eye and now wears glasses but can see fine. She has had wonderful doctors. She never did crawl, but walked at almost 2 years of age. She is now 3 1/2 and because of wonderful PT's OT's and Dr's is functioning at a normal 3 year old level.

She is soooo smart, sooo happy and beautiful! I know the reason for her success is because of prayers, fasting, encouragement and love. Doctors told us she would be severely handicapped her whole life. Just goes to show that Doctors are not in charge. Heavenly Father is!

- Shared by her mother, Katie