Sarah - South Carolina

Sarah - South Carolina

Hi. My name is Sarah and I was born with cmv just 22 years ago. I was born on Feb 26 1989 and like I said I was born with cmv. I had to stay in the hospital for 30 days in the nicu until I could fight the cmv and get stronger. The doctors said I won't make it to the age past 1 but I proved them wrong.

Like all cmv fighters they have a medical additions to the virus. Mine has mulitiples. I have walking problems. I had to use a walker when I was a baby. Got off of it when I was only 3 I believe and now I got my left foot goes straight and my right one goes side ways. I always try to correct it but it keeps going side ways. My mother asked the doctors a long time ago if I needed special shoes. They said no and she feels guilty about not getting a second opinion.

I also have a deaf ear and also have bladder problems but that's fine. Like I said before I had walking problems. I fall a lot but don't get hurt. I'm pretty much use to it now days. But I can't do math that well. That's a lot of kids...but I'm pretty smart. I'm kinda slow but I catch on quick if you explain some things to me in laymans terms. In big words I won't understand what you say but if you put them in easy words I might understand but it's fine.

I did work at Mcdonalds but that didn't go so good because people was making fun of me. I don't like when people pick on others. I have been bullyed all my life because of my disabilities. That's why if I see some one and mostly if it's girls I protect them or try to because it's not fun.

But I'm here and stronger then ever but most day's I'm falling apart day by day for those that have cmv. Here's some good advice if I may ... remember these words, One Step One Day and One Fight at a time. To fight cmv is worth living for ... that's all I got to say.

Thank you very much for letting me tell my story.

- Shared by Sarah