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Parent Stories

Elisabeth - Florida

My husband and I adopted Elisabeth from birth. We were there for doctor's appointments, ultrasounds, and the birth. We were blessed with Elisabeth on June 9. The birth mother was tested for CMV in her second trimester and was tested negative. Total time from arrival at the hospital to delivery was 80 minutes! 

Conner - Arizona

My little boy Conner was born January 7th, 2012. The next day the doctor told us he had CMV. We had no suspicion that anything was wrong. The only thing they told me during the pregnancy was that he was a little small. He passed all his newborn tests they did hearing, eyes, and for seizures. 

Scarlett - Texas

Scarlett is 9 years old, the youngest of our four children. I had a normal pregnancy and she showed no signs of CMV at birth. When Scarlett was five she didn’t pass her hearing screen at a regular doctor visit. In hindsight, she had been saying ‘what?’ a lot and asking for the TV to be turned up…but we hadn’t put two and two together. We quickly learned that she had mild-moderate hearing loss in both ears. We immediately got a hearing aids and accepted this disability as positively as we could. 

Abigail - Illinois

On July 28th 2011, I found out I was pregnant with our second child. I was very excited and a little surprised at how much quicker it happened the second time around. I called my husband at work with the happy news, and then proceeded to call my parents, my sister, and a few close friends because 12 weeks is just too long to wait to share such exciting news.

Austin - Florida

I want to give hope to those who have special little ones. My son was born October 21, 1992. I had a normal pregnancy, no issues. I worked up until my 38th week. I started having pain after my 39 week doctors appointment. My water broke but I did not go into labor. When we got there, they told us there was meconium in the fluid which translated that he had a bowel movement in the womb and could be in distress. 

BaiLee - Kansas

My daughter BaiLee was born with CMV. I had a normal, full term pregnancy and a perfect delivery. We thought we gave birth to a healthy baby girl on October 15th, 2004. We later learned otherwise.

Zachary - Texas

On October 13th 2008, it was just a month before Hurricane Ike hit Houston. My boyfriend proposed to marry me and we found out a few days later we were pregnant. It was the most shocking and happiest day of my life. When I just was a month pregnant I got real sick, coughing constantly. I was very worried about my baby but I didn't have an OB yet. I went to the family doctor and I got diagnosed with bronchitis. I was very scared to take any medications being pregnant I couldn't stop being worried about my baby.

Riley - Florida

So the journey begins...well it really began last Wednesday. We had been sent over to a specialist in Pensacola because my doctor said Riley's head was measuring a touch small, nothing was wrong, but just a precaution to have it checked out. We thought we would have an ultrasound...they would also say no big deal and we would turn it into a baby shopping day! After a long ultrasound...we meet the doctor. He started to tell us of some abnormalities that are showing up that alone are nothing, but with so many little things such as Ascites in several areas, signs of anemia and extra volume in umbilical cord, he was concerned. 

Landon Joe - North Carolina

I would like to tell you of the most amazing story of the birth of my son Landon Jo Tucker who was born August, 11 2007. My wife, Jody, who was at five months pregnant with our son, became very ill. Jody was not feeling well and became very sick, and had a fever for around five weeks and no one in Salisbury would help us. 

Lowee - Arizona

Lowee is my 2nd baby. I had a normal pregnancy, she came 15 days early. She was 5 lbs 13 oz and completely covered in a little red rash. She spent the first 24 hours with me and did great. When the pediatrician came in to see her she started finding problems. Lowee had an enlarged liver and spleen. The next 24 hours are a blur, but she got an ultrasound of her brain and they told us it was covered in calcifications. Next thing we know she is on a helicopter to a better NICU.