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Parent Stories

Tyler - Louisiana

In the summer of 1995 of I was thrilled to find out that I was going to become a mom. My life was about to change in so many ways, not only was I expecting a child but I was about to graduate college and embark upon my career. I was nervous and excited anxiously awaiting my new life. On February 19, 1996, my life changed forever. As I was undergoing a routine non stress test and ultrasound, my obstetrician discovered that the baby was microcephalic and that I had a growth on my ovary that had taken over the whole left side of my pelvic/abdominal area. He stated that my baby had some abnormalities and could be born anencephalic and that he would be transferring me to another hospital that was more equipped to handle high risk deliveries. 

Reese - North Carolina

I started feeling sick about 10 or 11 weeks into my pregnancy. Everything could have been brushed off as typical symptoms of pregnancy (exhaustion, mild nausea, etc.), however I also had high fevers. I told my OB/GYN about the fevers, who then talked to a maternal fetal medicine specialist regarding what needed to be done, if anything. I am extremely thankful that conversation took place, and I'm absolutely convinced that it saved my daughter's life.

Cameron - Arizona

I knew my second pregnancy would be difficult.  I went into preterm labor with my first son and sure enough, I also went into preterm labor with my second. I was put on strict bed rest at 25 weeks. I spent a lot of time on the internet researching problems associated with preterm babies born at 25 weeks, which included mental retardation, blindness, deafness, and cerebral palsy, to name a few.