In today's world, context is clarity, our podcast series highlights advocacy, education, industry, and scientific advancements in the space bringing congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV) to the forefront of the conversation.


Meet Lisa Eickel: CMV Community Alliance Chair

Lisa shares her experiences as a Speech-Language Pathologist and active CMV advocate.

Meet Richard Hughes IV from Moderna

Moderna is now a household name. What is mRNA and how will CMV awareness and policy shape the future for a CMV vaccine?

Meet Ilene Miller from Rare Epilepsy Network (REN)

CMV outcomes may include one or some potential neurological disorders. Learn more about one of our partners, Rare Epilepsy Network (REN) from its Director, Ilene Penn Miller. 

Meet Tammy Boyd from the Black Women’s Health Imperative

Learn more about the Rare Disease Diversity Coalition, fueled by the Black Women's Health Imperative, and their work to alleviate the disproportionate burden of rare diseases on communities of color. 

Meet Sharon Wood with CMV Action UK

CMV is a global public health issue. Learn more about one of our partners, Sharon Wood from CMV Action UK, and how she continues to push forward with their important work in the time of COVID-19. 

Meet Kayla Keenan from CMV Canada

Hear from CMV Canada's Executive Director to learn more about its history including the focal points of the organization and what they're doing to handle programming and activities in light of COVID-19.

Meet the National CMV Team!

Learn more about our rock star staff and their experiences in public health and specifically, maternal health! Khaliah and Amanda both are working diligently to expand programming, enhance partnerships, and ultimately, help improve outcomes for children born with congenital CMV.

Catching Up with Dr. Sallie Permar

Take two! Physician scientist focusing on the prevention and treatment of neonatal viral infections, Professor of Pediatrics at Duke University, member of the Duke Human Vaccine Institute, an affiliate of the Duke Global Health Institute, and Associate Dean of Physician-Scientist Development at Duke University Medical School - get to know more about National CMV Foundation Board Director, Dr. Sallie Permar.


CMV Vaccine Update feat. Dr. Lori Panther of Moderna

Khaliah and Shayne chat with Lori Panther, MD, MPH, and Director of Clinical Development, Infectious Diseases at Moderna Therapeutics based in Cambridge, MA. They discuss where Moderna is in its quest for a CMV vaccine, why a vaccine is critical in preventing congenital CMV, and much more. 

CMV Dads Take Action for CMV Awareness - Part 2

Khaliah and Shayne sit down with CMV dads, Nic Maes and Andy Jones, to discuss their personal CMV experiences, what they're doing to raise CMV awareness in their communities, what needs to change with CMV education, and much more!