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Associate Board

Associate Board

The National CMV Foundation launched its Associate Board to help build a pipeline of leaders and donors, as the next wave of philanthropists well-positioned to reach our general target audience of those of childbearing age, as we establish a stronger foundation for the future. We acknowledge and appreciate that the Associate Board serves as highly motivated volunteer talent, spreading the National CMV mission to new and emerging networks, acting as a catalyst for the Foundation’s organic growth.

Katie Feistel, PhD

The Aerospace Corporation

Jennifer Jenks MD, PhD (Candidate) 

Stanford Pediatrics Residency

Patricia Purcell MD, MPH

Cook Children's Medical Center

Emilie McDonald, B.S.

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Patrick Fleming, MD (Candidate)

Quinnipiac University 

Jessica Wright, B.A.

The ALS Association 

The doctors knew Cameron's problem was viral, but they couldn't pinpoint the virus. Finally, after about 2 days, my placenta lab test came back and it was infected with CMV. I was so relieved that Cameron was going to survive, but I was not ready for the next bombshell. The NICU doctor told us that as a result of is brain damage, Cameron would not be able to “walk, talk or learn."
— Julie, Mother