Volunteer Spotlight: Amanda Devereaux

Volunteer Spotlight: Amanda Devereaux

Tell us about your professional/educational background.

I received my Bachelor's degree in Nursing in 2007. I have been working as a public health nurse for the past 10 years. Currently my focus is on maternal child health, and I work as a nurse home visitor and program coordinator for Nurse Family Partnership. 

What makes the National CMV Foundation's mission powerful for you?

My daughter, Pippa's, diagnosis at 21 weeks gestation was life changing for my family and myself. Even as a public health nurse, I was unaware of the impact of cCMV and the fact that I was at increased risk during my second pregnancy. I have never been more convinced in the power of education and prevention. As a public health professional it is so important for me that people have access to health information. All families deserve to know about cCMV and how it can be prevented and all children affected deserve early diagnosis so they can reach their full potential!

In your role as CMV Community Alliance Chair*, what goals have you set for 2019?

Our basic goals are to increase awareness of cCMV and raise funds to support our cause. Supporting families who have recently been diagnosed is another goal that is important to me. We will be hosting a 5k run/walk/roll in the Minneapolis area this summer. Every new person that learns about cCMV through our efforts is a victory!

Registration is open for Strides 4 CMV, a fun-focused 5k run/walk/roll for cCMV Awareness on Saturday, August 17th! Please visit the Strides 4 CMV website to register (virtual registration is available too!) and/or donate. 

What does success look like to you?

In the short term, success is anyone new learning about cCMV. In the long term, success is the elimination of cCMV as a major contributor to childhood disabilities through prevention and a vaccine. 

What motivates you?

My daughter motivates me. When I think about how challenging some aspects of her life are for her, I can't help but get a little angry (or a lot sometimes!). I have learned to channel this anger into passion and drive to make change in my area. 

As a volunteer leader, what advice do you have for fellow volunteers?

You don't have to make huge changes to be successful. Any new person that learns about cCMV is a success! There are many ways to contribute to the cause!

Favorite quote?

I believe this quote is from Janine Steck Huffman. I love it:

"The value of a life, of a human, of a child, is measured not by how much he or she can accomplish, but how much he or she can teach others about what really matters."

What do you like most about living in Des Moines, Iowa?

We love Iowa, and living in Des Moines! The best thing is being close to friends and family. But Des Moines in great because it is not too big and not to small.

You're happiest when?

We're happiest when we are outside with the kids. Going to the pool in the summer is one of our favorite activities. 

*The CMV Community Alliance is a newly launched pilot program for top CMV advocates per our strategic plan. Learn more about the CMV Community Alliance.